Jason and his son are trapped by a tornado.  Living off  the stores Jason kept for a disaster they make it day by day.. When they are finally rescued they find out the world has changed and half of the population has died.


What would you do if you were to suddenly discover that you had a large quantity of a substance that has reversed your ageing.  What if you were thirty years younger in six months.  

Would you live differently?  What about love?  What would that substance be worth to others?  

In Spots Mark finds out.  


This novel is about Brian, an ageing physicist who is called in to help investigate an ancient ship buried in Arizona.  While inside the ship he is accidentally whisked through time into his teenage body.  He isn't alone there however.  He is forced to share this existence with his spirit already in residence.  

​How will this visit affect his future not to mention the past he remembers?

I write Science Fiction.  I guess I should say Science Fiction with a touch of Romance because a book without a romance just never seems quite right in my estimation. 

 My goal is to get you hooked on the first page.  Then get the story to you as soon as I can and keep you wanting to turn the page to find out what happens next.  

If I can do that I've done my job.  

'Jason's Virus' is available on Amazon at  amazon.com/author/davidlawrencemorris.

Currently I am working on the final novel in the 'Spots' series.    




What happens when an investigating officer trying to put together the facts of a murder case suddenly finds himself looking at a bagful of capsules that will return him to his youth?  All of the Spots characters return and once again lonely people find romance.  

'JASON'S VIRUS', Kindle edition is available at amazon.com/author/davidlawrencemorris